Amazon Connect is a simple to use, self-service, cloud-based customer contact center that scales to support any size business. ACVue [pronunciation a-see-view] is a cloud based real-time wallboard, daily dashboard and historical reporting solution for Amazon Connect. Its use will drive agent productivity gains, ensure the correct allocation of human resources and monitor call handling times which ultimately leads to increased customer satisfaction. It is user definable allowing for individuals to customize the user experience to meet their specific needs

With the rapid uptake of Amazon Connect around the world comes the requirement to accurately report on the productivity of the queues and agents. ACVue delivers only relevant information through its configurable, real-time wallboards, daily dashboards and automated reports ensuring your investment in Amazon Connect is delivering the expected results. An effective Amazon Connect monitoring strategy will deliver increased business productivity, ensure call handling times are at an acceptable level and allow for informed decision on resource allocation which will ultimately lead to increased customer satisfaction.

Amazon connect

Whether you are a large, global corporate or small to medium size business, the use of ACVue as a monitoring and reporting solution will ensure your investment in Amazon Connect is returning the expected productivity gains. Code has users of its solutions across 5 continents and are happy to work with you regardless of your location. What sets ACVue apart from other similar solutions is the user driven nature of the software. We understand that every organisation and even employees within an organization are going to have their own unique requirements, as such they can define to ACVue exactly what they need to see as oppose to the software telling them what they are going to see.


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