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Kieran Mullins joins Code Software UK

Coming Home


It’s now three weeks since I joined the team at Code Software, and so they have asked me to write a blog of my experiences so far. Rather than give a day by day review of the last 21 days, I thought it might be better to use an example of a specific situation which encapsulates what I believe Code is all about. 

In a previous role, I was privileged to work with some major global organisations. Most – if not all – struggled to achieve company-wide visibility of their operation, and this was ironically no more evident than when managing their communication platforms. During meetings, my clients would share their frustrations and look to vendor representatives like me for help. If the problem matched with a solution from my kit-bag then great. If a few tweaks were needed or a little shoe-horning was needed, then all was still ok. And occasionally, of course, you have to accept that there is nothing you can offer and walk away.

Sometimes though, there is a clear business case for going above and beyond to attain client satisfaction and, simultaneously, enhance your solution portfolio [without diluting core focus]. The product team at Code yesterday launched an innovation that was born from a desire to resolve a client’s pain point. On the face of it, the product is simple (in that, it is straightforward and uncomplicated) but during the 12 months since conception, through the alpha-building and beta-testing stages, a ton of effort and development hours have been devoured. The dev team has worked meticulously, and our product and commercial teams have liaised closely to ensure that the result exceeds the expectations of the original requestor. More importantly, for the long-term success of the product, beta deployments have been universally well-received and initial reaction from the market has been very positive.

As the new boy in town, I can’t take credit for any of this, but I have been impressed learning about the creativity and diligence of the development process and, moreover, the end product. What has been achieved is an easy-to-use and conceptually coherent software that delivers pan-company transparency, cost-savings and resolves a real business issue. Have a read of the link below to see what you think. And personally, as first few days in a new job go, it’s been great.

Read all about our NMS solution here: