We are a technology company with a wealth of experience delivering the leading reporting, analytics, billing and voice recording solutions for Unified Communications

About CodeSoftware

Code was launched in 2013, the result of an amalgamation of industry experts in the field of call reporting and analytics. The main driver for UC Analytics was the requirement in the reporting market for a new solution, which has been designed from day one considering the more complex reporting requirements of Unified Communications. We have a focus on MS Lync / Skype for Business and Cisco / Cisco Jabber however we support all UC platforms including Avaya, Mitel, Nortel, Shortel and others. The combined experience of the team at Code includes working on some of the largest installations of call reporting in the world. Taking our years of experience, we have developed a user driven solution which takes all the good from the legacy PBX reporting days and applies new features, making UC Analytics a clean, fresh solution delivering exactly the required information.

We are continually developing our portfolio of solutions all accessed from a single user interface which in addition to UC Analytics now includes:

UC Analytics +

A ‘lite’, cost effective alternative to full contact center for organisations using Skype for Business Response Groups

UC Recorder

A simple to use, centralised voice recording solution for Skype for Business


This allows users to self-service their usage of SfB with visibility of call quality, user adoption, productivity and call costs.

We have a global network of partners with installations in five continents and operate from offices in UK, USA, Romania, Nordics and South Africa


Mark Armstrong - Code Software

Mark Armstrong
Managing Director

Based out of the UK, Mark is the Managing Director driving the company’s global business strategy and execution. He has a strong commercial background with over 15 years’ experience in the industry. “To succeed in life you need 3 things: a wishbone, a backbone and a funnybone.”

Cezar Darie - Code Software

Cezar Darie
Chief Techinical Officer

Cezar has built the software development team based out of Iasi, Romania . He’s responsible for all technical aspects of software and product delivery worldwide. Cezar has a first class degree in Computer Science and previously worked as a software engineer and team leader at several major Global software development companies. “Be creative while inventing ideas, but be disciplined while implementing them.”

Razvan Pasare - Code Software

Razvan Pasare
Chief Operating Officer

Taking overall responsibility for global operations, Razvan is Code’s COO. His extensive technical career has seen him leading some of the largest global call reporting projects. The years of experience has meant he is instrumental in the growth of the business. “In business 'professionalism' is not a tactic but a moral value.”

Cezar Darie - Code Software

Jim O'Hare
Director, US Sales

Jim comes to CODE Software with over 25+ years of Sales and Senior Sales Management. Jim was integral in leading the sales efforts launching the call recording application for CTI Group and possesses almost a decade of industry experience. "The purpose of a business is to create a customer who creates customers."